12 April 2013

"What I'm complaining about is not being told 'no.'"

In a post a few weeks back I complained about authoritarian decision-making that masquerades as being cooperative and "consensus-driven."
So much focus is put on "cooperation" and "community" and "getting input from all the stakeholders" but at the end of the day, we're doing what whoever holds the most cards wants to do. Sometimes that's the traditional elite, sometimes its whoever can wave the biggest victim flag, but it's still a unilateral decision.
Commneter Petwer W. linked to a great David Mitchell video that covers this, and needless to say, he does it much better than I could.

This, like the rest of the "David Mitchell's SoapBox" series, is highly recommended. In fact, most of his work is recommended. If you haven't seen the Mitchell & Webb sketch on homeopathy, do so now.


  1. Nice Blackadder reference, too!

  2. OMG, cannot thank you enough for introducing me to David Mitchell's SoapBox! I'm a huge fan of the Mitchell and Webb show, but had no idea this existed. At this point I've spent the last half hour watching, and I'm only scratching the surface!

  3. That accent is utterly captivating.