02 April 2013

Staffing Agencies will be the New Normal

Hit & Run | JD Tucille | Obamacare a Huge Boon ... For Temp Staffing Companies

Well, let me quote an Investors Business Daily story from last week, noting that "the bullish outlook for staffing firms is reflected in their current stock prices. The 20 stocks in IBD's Commercial Services-Staffing group are trading at a five-year high. The group's value has risen about 40% over the last four months."
Question for EMH people: why are these stocks up 40% over the last four months?

Surely this has been predictable for a couple of years. In fact I'm pretty sure I did predict such staffing changes. And I'm far from alone.

I've no doubt ObamaCare is a bonanza for temp agencies. I'm curious why the market would only respond to this now.

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