25 April 2013

Kilts — I thing I want to have most when I'm told I shouldn't have one

I interupt this unintentional blogging hiatus for the following important announcement: Laura Beck at Jezebel can kiss my pale Clan Mackay ass.

I don't even have time to get all fired up about this, so I'm outsourcing it to Judgy Bitch.

Also, Laura: why are you illustrating your post about men in kilts with women in Aboynes? This is a dude in a kilt:

What you pictured is very much not this.

PS No, this is not me. But it will be when I have a few hundred extra dollars to spend on wool. Because a kilt is one of those things where you come correct or you don't come at all.

PPS On behalf of the gardeners out there, I have another note for Laura Beck: you can't build a roof out of peat moss. Peat moss, or sphagnum, is a crumbly stuff typically used for upping the organic content of your soil or occasionally planting epiphytic orchids and the like. If you're going to pull stereotypes out of the air for shits and giggles at least aim for them to have some connection, however tenuous, to reality.

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