06 March 2013

White House & Washington Monument

DCist | White House Tours Suspended Due to Sequestration

I don't know whether this is a routine application of the Washington Monument Ploy, or an extremely reasonable re-allocation of resources. On the one hand, this seems calculated to be a cut most noticeable and symbolic to the public. On the other hand, I would hope that the White House and Secret Service has more important things to be doing than pandering to — and encouraging — Caesarism my showing off the presidential manse. Which is it?

PS One clue from the article: "According to Politico, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani thinks stopping the tours is 'absurd.'" If he thinks it's absurd I'm going to marginally up my estimation that it's reasonable.

ETA 14:52 — On the gripping hand: Hit & Run | Nick Gillespie | Why is the White House Spending $277,000 a Year on Calligraphists?

I love good calligraphy, but come on. Any guests of the President who would prefer fancy invitations and place cards to the President being responsible with his citizen's money is not someone we should be interested in impressing.

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