05 March 2013

We live in a world with other people. Govern yourself accordingly.

Slate | Amanda Marcotte | Dress codes for girls: They don’t teach self-respect. Only respecting girls does that.

At my high school, the belief was that boys lost their ability to perform well in school if they saw more than an inch above a girl's knee, and in some more religiously conservative communities, general thinking goes that a glimpse of hair is enough to terminate male concentration completely. Regardless of where you draw the line, of course, the argument remains the same: Girls are responsible not only for their own school performance but also for the boys'.
Here's another argument: your actions affect the people around you, and basic decency demands that you consider those effects when you make decisions. That doesn't mean girls are "responsible" for boys' behavior, it just means girls — like everyone — have an effect on other people.

People's choices have consequences. Even when those pople are women. This doesn't mean I hate women or blame them for everything that happens. It just means cause and effect are real things.

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JudgyBitch | Jezebel solves the problem of women’s inequality! It’s about bloody time.
To not let women fart is to not let them be fully human. To be free to fart it up with the menfolk is a sign of acceptance, not disintegrating social norms. And the feeling that women need to hide their farts is all part of the intense, building pressure to wax, pamper, perfume, and mask the realities of our own humanness. It’s all part of a system that shames us into feeling, yet again, like how we actually are is never, ever, ever as sweet-smelling as it should be. It’s enough to shame the most bulletproof secure among us into holding in a lifetime’s worth of farts just to fit in.
You know, I think I’ve really been doing this human thing wrong. I’ve been operating under the basic premise that to be human is to acknowledge the presence of other people in my world, and to behave in a way that suggests I believe them to have some basic entitlements to respect and courtesy, which oddly includes the right to NOT have to breathe in sulfuric gases that have just escaped my ass! [...]

Do I really have to explain what is wrong with this advice? One doesn’t deliberately fart in front of other people because it is rude, it is gross, it is disrespectful, it is crass, it is deeply unpleasant and it suggests that you do NOT give one f--- about other people.

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