07 March 2013

Anyone who can do serious damage to a crowd of people with a pen knife doesn't need the penknife to be dangerous

Banning such jumped-up letter openers never protected us from violent terrorists. It just protected us from inept terrorists. Which (a) are not the people we need protection from and (b) is the entire point of the TSA theatre troop, when you think about it.
View from the Porch | Tam | "Soft, docile, toothless creatures..."

At this rate I expect solid evidence of h. sapiens' eyes migrating towards the sides of the cranium over the next few generations.

I am so stealing this idea if I ever write a post-apoc/far-future space opera comic book.*
(will never happen)
There'll be whole tribes of neotenous eloi, like a combination of a baby white tail and Lily Cole, frightfully scanning the horizon 300° around them for pocket knives and other dangers.

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