07 February 2013

"Maryland Needs More Money to Design Purple Line"

DCist | Benjamin Freed | Maryland Needs More Money to Design Purple Line

The design work on the planned Purple Line through suburban Maryland could roll to a stop later this year unless state legislators raise transportation taxes, according to the Maryland Department of Transportation's capital budget.
Quick question from someone who is admittedly not too familiar with his state transpo budget:

If they don't have enough money to design this project, how are they possibly going to have enough money to operate this project?

Assuming the projects don't get derailed in their preliminary stages, both are still a long time coming. The Purple Line is expected to cost $2.15 billion by its scheduled rolling date of 2020, while construction on the Corridor Cities Transitway would not begin until 2018.
I'm calling BS on this too. I remember people posting signs in their yards supprting and opposing the Purple Line back when I was taking the school bus through the area this is supposed to run in. That was 1997. I'll bet dollars to donuts that there's no Purple Line in 2020, and if is is completed it'll cost $3B+.


  1. You are probably too young to remember the Intercounty Connector, which took, I believe, over 50 years from initial conception to final operation. This is what happens when you try to build something big in a place like Montgomery County, with its large population of NIMBY bureaucrats who know all the tricks to delay and hopefully kill a project. It is what they deal with during their normal jay jobs with the government.

    (full disclosure - I used to be one of those govt employees who lived in MC)

  2. I do remember the ICC. Not at the start, of course, but yeah I remember hearing about it back when I was a kid, and even then it was both still on the drawing board and overdue.