15 February 2013

Bagpipe Soul

Is your Friday morning distinctly lacking in weirdness? Are you in desperate need of a large dose of WTF?

You're reading the right post. Here, this is for you:

I've heard a lot of weird bagpipe music before. On the scale of "music that isn't supposed to be played with bagpipes but is being played with bagpipes" this is about a three and a half. No, the bagpipe soul music is not the weirdness. Don't let Honey Blo and his doodlesack distract you from the treasure trove of weirdness that is dancing behind him.

Druids in goat masks? Santa Clause? I'm pretty sure there's a McPoyle in the back. If this WTF isn't high octane enough for you, I can't help. You probably need to cut back on your 4chan browsing though.

(Via The World's Best Ever.)


  1. "Chic-a-Go-Go is a Public-access cable TV children's dance show"

    "The show invites members of the public to participate in tapings"

    "Each show is hosted by Jake Austen, who portrays Ratso, a teenage puppet rat"

    Pretty much all you need to know right there.

    1. The more I found out about this recording, the more it melted my brain.