04 January 2013

Stories to watch for in 2013

Marginal Revolution | Tyler Cowen | Stories to watch for in 2013

5. The continuing rise of machine intelligence and the general recognition of such as the next major technological breakthrough.
I sure hope so. If so, it's good for the world. And great for me as I'm coming on the job market.

It's a very interesting list. Here are some things I would put on my list. (Unsurprisingly, it is tech-heavy.)
  1. The end of full-time, low-wage jobs in America because of health care regulation.
  2. Will lawmakers continue to (shockingly) embrace robotic cars, or will new regulatory/judicial hurdles be thrown up? How are we going to sort out the details?
  3. Same as previous, but with aerial drones. The tech capacity is there; how will the FAA/police/etc. respond?
  4. 3d printing: what happens next? Will there be entry level hobbyist models that will lead to the same revolution as the Apple II/TRS-80/Commodore 64? What new business models will emerge? What are we going to do about IP law and DRM? How about gun control?
  5. Will something go seriously pear-shaped with state & muni budgets/pensions/bonds. (Caveat: I've been expecting this for five years. No particular reason to think 2013 is finally the time.)
  6. Will Washington be able to can-kick our spending problem for another year, will they finally sort out some problems, or will the bond market decide they're no longer in the mood to keep giving congress more rope?

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