04 January 2013

Resolutions: If you want to do X, then do X

You know what I don't like? All the quasi-news stories* I get bombarded with at this time of year about how to make your resolutions stick.

(* Sidenote: what do you call the things that are produced by newspapers, radio news programs, tv, etc. that are not news?)

There is no damned trick for keeping your commitments. You know how to keep your resolutions? Do the shit you say you're going to do.

You can gin up a whole stack of little tricks about calendars and to do lists and timing and positive affirmations and rewards and on and on and on, but there's no substitute for doing shit.

Lest you think I'm getting super-preachy now, I want you to know that you are not the intended audience for this post. I am. I am writing this so that one part of mind can yell at another part and tell him to Take Care Of Business. So...
To: The Lazy Part of Me

When you go to bed tonight, are you going to be glad you spent time doing that thing you're doing right now? Is that something you're going to be able to check off the list? Is that the highest priority way to spend the next X minutes? No? Then go Get Shit Done.

The Gets Shit Done Part of Me
My first instinct was to sign that "The Less Lazy Part of Me," but screw that noise. There is a part of me that's capable of kicking ass. Denying that only gives power to The Lazy Daemon. Last year I actually followed through on all the shit I said I was going to do. I learned to bake my own bread. I lost some weight. I learned some good stuff. I made some art I'm proud of. I read a ton of quality stuff. So now I just need to do that again. Onward.

PS I guess this actually makes this post one of those dumb little psychological tricks. What a quandary. Telling yourself in writing that there are no shortcuts or crutches for getting things done is itself a crutch. Screw it. I know it doesn't matter how many angry blog posts I address to myself, I know there's no substitute for doing the things I say I want to do.


  1. "what do you call the things that are produced by newspapers, radio news programs, tv, etc. that are not news?"


    ... but that's also what I call the 'news' parts, so maybe that doesn't help. YMMV.

  2. P.S. Go you! Kick some ass!

    Happy fucking new year!