25 November 2012

"High Virtue and Low Cunning"

EconLog | Bryan Caplan | Modelling the Marriage of High Virtue and Low Cunning

Suppose Brooks' claims are factually correct. What economic, psychological, and/or sociological model(s) would explain them? Why precisely would good political ideas need to be shrouded in deception?
Wait a sec. Perhaps this is my ND-going-to-the-big-game beer induced haze talking. But in what universe are we starting from the assumption that political ideas are not shrouded in deception?

At this point I'm incapable of enough metacognition to know if this is the High Life or my own misanthropic anarcho-libertarianism talking, but why wouldn't deception be the baseline? If we could simulate a billion human civilizations I'd expect good ideas and deception to be going hand-in-hand in a vast majority of them. Maybe that's just my priors talking but... But nothing. I'm going to go finish this pint, wipe down the kitchen, and turn in.

PS I'm beginning to realize that I need a list of "just barely smart enough to be dangerously wrong" list, and that Brooks needs to be highly placed on it. But that's a thought for another evening. G'Irish. I'm out.

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