27 October 2012

storm prep

Several dozen cheap Ikea candles are laid in.

The cabinets are stocked with bread, peanut butter, pasta, ramen and various preserved fish.

Batteries are charged, including our car jump starter with both AC and DC outputs for home appliances, car devices and USB gadgets.

Books, both physical and Kindle, are stacked and waiting.

The liquor cabinet is freshly stocked with beer and whisky. Hey, if I'm going to be stuck in the dark, I'm going to relax while I'm doing it.

Wiper blades and headlights on the car are all replaced. (Not strictly storm related, but since they were due for replacement anyway...)

The freezer is jammed with several cubic feet of water-filled tupperware to supply some extra thermal mass.

Several gallons of water have been stocked.

SB7 Top Tip: our local grocery store has been a mad house for 36 hours, and has been picked completely clean of all water, including seltzer. (Screw storm preparation. I just need some seltzer.) The ethnic grocery on the other side of town, on the other hand, is an island of calm, fully stocked with all your potable needs. Head over to a non-Anglophone neighborhood to stock up.

Now I can only hope the Irish are as ready for Oklahoma as I am for this storm.

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