08 October 2012

Apollo Criticism #(n+1)

The Thinker | Jeffrey Ellis | Apollo did more for poverty than the 'War on Poverty' did

In fact, it could be argued that Apollo was a failure in one significant way. By focusing on getting to the moon by a certain deadline rather than setting the goal of developing an affordable, easy to operate, and sustainable capability to get there and back, the Apollo program created a manned spaceflight infrastructure and culture that could only do things in a spare-no-expense, non-sustainable manner. So in order to determine the true costs of Apollo, one would need to also factor in the unknown (but likely large) cost that this culture has had on subsequent manned spaceflight efforts.
I'm always interested in other geeks criticism's of the Apollo Program, because sometimes I feel like I'm going to have my Geek Card revoked for daring to criticize American manned space-flight or question the wisdom of NASA spending.

This is also criticism I don't remember having expressed before, mostly because I could never have put it so succinctly.

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