14 September 2012

The best reason to be POTUS

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Mungo may have run for Governor of NC, but this morning I realized that I, Angus, want to be President of the USA!

It hit me this morning when I saw this (more info here):

The President can put art from the National Gallery in his/her house!

So I could live for 8 years (people you KNOW I'm getting re-elected) in a House full of Richters, Hodgkins, Keifers, and more.
I want to post this not only because I also think that's the single best reason to be President, but because I would choose five of the eight artists Angus does: Richter, Keifer, Rothko, Johns, and Brancusi.

To that list I'd add Chuck Close (who I would also choose to do my official portrait, if he'd be willing), Sol Lewitt, and Roy Lichtenstein. I'd love to have a Leo Villareal, but the NGA has only one piece of his, and it's sort of built into the building. A bit tough to move.

If I could grab some NGA pieces by non-Americans, I'd definitely snatch a Turner (probably "Approach to Venice") and a Monet or two ("Waterloo Bridge, London, at Sunset" and "The Houses of Parliament, Sunset").

And I haven't even looked through the collection of the National Portrait Gallery yet. Oh shit, you guys I would be swimming in so much excellent art if I was president! I wouldn't even be able to choose. I'd just tell them to bring over a couple news crates every week and rotate things in and out randomly, just to keep me on my toes.

I wonder if I letter from the Oval Office could get Jim Campbell to donate something to the National Gallery?

PS The second best reason to be President is that every time you think "why is it that..." or "what's the deal with..." or "how does..." you can just assign someone to go figure out the answer, write a report, and brief you on it.

PPS The third best reason is only a plus for men: if your hair falls out while in office you have the world's single best excuse: "I'm under a lot of stress right now, what with being the Leader of the Free World and all." This is why it's a total shame that only dudes with great hair can get elected.

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