05 September 2012

Psychological Advantages vs Avowed Advantages

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People are missing the point when they cite this article to say that organic food is a ‘scam’. When people buy organic food, it isn’t objectively healthier food they’re trying to buy, it’s status, as well as something akin to what I can only characterize as psychological soothing. From that perspective it’s not obvious that organic food isn’t a bargain.
The internal benefit of organic food is righteousness and the external benefit is status, but the avowed benefit is health. If we're going to have adult relationships with each other it's worthwhile stripping away the rationalized smoke screens to force people to confront their real motivations. And if we're going to be setting public policy about these things, it's absolutely imperative we identify people's actual desires to denude them of the reasonable-sounding-but-false rationalizations they cloak themselves in.

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