24 September 2012

In which I endorse one idea and its dipole

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• It should be illegal for schools to assign ‘homework’. To study and work is why we send them to school for N hours per day; ‘homework’ is an admission of failure in their basic mission.
This is a very tempting idea. I'm partial to it.

But allow me to throw out my own half-baked idea I will never be able to back up: All learning is self-learning. Unless you think through a problem on your own you have not really learned anything. Therefore schooling should consist of nothing but "homework".


I have to edit this to add the following Not Always Right story that was posted today:
(I am a year 5 class teacher. I’m dismissing my class of nine and ten year olds at the end of the day when a mother approaches me.)

Mother: “My son’s not been doing his homework!”
Me: “I know. He hasn’t handed his homework in for several weeks now.”
Mother: “Well, I’m not very happy about this!”
Me: “No, nor am I.”
Mother: “So, what are you going to do about it?”
Me: “I can’t make him do his homework. His homework is to be completed at home.”
Mother: “Why?”

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