14 August 2012

Kapoor's Orbit

How did we get through a fortnight of Olympics and never once hear about Anish Kapoor's "Orbit"?

Based purely on the number of times I heard the words "Birds Nest" and "Water Cube" last time around, I thought NBC would be mentioning Orbit at least every other day. Since they didn't, can we take a moment and appreciate how cool it is? Can we just stop and appreciate the fact that the organizing committee told a sculptor (not an architect (!)) to make a giant thorn-shaped tower in the middle of the park?

Can we also stop and watch these renderings they made? Because these animations are even cooler than the structure itself. Look at that blend of organic and geometric industrial.

[I was going to embed what I thought was a really cool animated concept drawing, but it's blocked by the creators from embedding on other domains and private on Vimeo, so I can't even link to it. It's the first video on this page. Shame they don't want other people to enjoy their work. Not like it's costing Kapoor et al. revenue to let people watch it. What's the logic behind putting it online but not letting people share it?]

I would pay good money to see a Duncan Jones movie with Anish Kapoor as the art director

Okay. Back to work.

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