10 July 2012

Professional Romance

Hit & Run | Nick Gillespie | Hey Chris Matthews: Can You Stop Talking About Nonexistent "Cronkite Moments" Already?

I respect various professions in inverse relation to how much they mythologize themselves. Plenty of people think their jobs are important, but only certain ones seem to have constructed a whole romantic vision around this importance. Journalists are definitely guilty of this.

I should elaborate on this, but I've got better things to do, like go make some enchiladas. I'll just say this: I bet if if you ask a thousand journalists what they think the five best movies are a huge percentage of them will mention All the President's Men.

John Goodman can only joke about air conditioner repairmen saving civilization on Community because real air conditioner repairmen don't think they're saving civilization.


  1. A lot of the problems with journalism can be traced back to the (relatively new) idea that journalism is a profession.

    I haven't read the book by W. Joseph Campbell that Gillespie mentions, but I heard an in-depth interview with the author around the time it came out and it sounded very interesting.

  2. I use "profession" in a loose way.

    I'll have to check that book out