07 June 2012

If they don't have right, they don't have rights

LifeHacker | These Are the Companies that Protect Your Data from the Government (And the Ones That Don't)

Just a reminder to anyone out there who has their undies in a twist over Citizens United: a "People's Rights Amendment" would put every single company in the country on the "Don't Protect Your Data from the Government" list. Or more properly, the "Can't Protect Your Data" list, because they would have no rights to privacy, security from search & seizure, petitioning of congress, etc.

Companies not having rights means "companies won't have rights," not "companies won't have rights to do things I dislike such as criticize my favorite politicians but will still be able to exercise all the rights I like, especially the ones that protect me."

But if that's what all you statists want, go right ahead.

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