18 May 2012

The weird, post-recession economics of The Walking Dead

Speaking of people not understanding that jobs come from meeting others' wants and economies existing to fulfill consumers' desires, check out this panel from The Walking Dead #96.

Wait, first:

(1) That's a highly unlikely sentence. It makes me happy I got to type something so odd.

(2) Some background — the band of survivors in Walking Dead has recently settled down into a small but secure encampment. They thought theirs was the only one of its kind in the region, but they have just learned that there is another, larger such settlement nearby, which a scouting party is currently visiting.

Okay, here's the panel:

[ click to enlarge ]

The part that really gets me is "There's more jobs to go around, more to be done" as if that's a good thing. "More jobs to be done means" there's a lot of stuff you want but you don't have, and that requires people to do more work to get that stuff.

Putting aside the economics of it, is this realistic in any way? This is a band of a couple of dozen people in a dangerous, post-apocalyptic wasteland. Is there really a lack of things to be done? Are they hurting for tasks? I don't recall the Swiss Family Robinson*Were they ever given a surname? wishing there was more to be done. They're essentially a sedentary hunter-gatherer band living at barely a subsistence level, and their problem is there's not enough work to do? That's such a bullshit post-2008 outlook.

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