25 May 2012

"Harvard students on Occupy Harvard"

Greg Mankiw's Blog | Harvard students on Occupy Harvard

The Crimson reports:
For a Statistics 104 final project, a group of students asked 1,035 undergraduates to gauge their impression of Occupy on a scale of one to ten, with ten being most positive. They found that the average ranking of Occupy Harvard was 2.84 out of 10.
This is the only thing I have heard in literally the last ten years that has improved my estimation of Harvard kids.

18 year olds who want to tell everyone else how the world ought to work are one of the worst things on college campuses. They're even worse than the guy who sits under a tree, barefoot and shirtless, playing the one song he knows on acoustic guitar to attract girls. You know that guy, right? He's the guy who thinks Dave Matthews wrote "All Along the Watchtower." I can't stand that guy.

Bluto was totally justified. Amiright?

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