04 April 2012

Save Our Google Scholar!

The Atlantic | Alexis Madrigal | 20 Services Google Thinks Are More Important Than Google Scholar

[Google Scholar] doesn't appear across the main Google navigation bar, which features nine other services: Search, Image Search, Maps, Play, YouTube, News, Gmail, Documents, and Calendar. But OK, it is more niche than any of those applications and it used to reside in the More menu at the top right of the nav bar. No longer. Google has now moved Scholar to the 'Even More' section. That ranks its importance in the Googlesphere behind Translate, Mobile, Books, Offers, Wallet, Shopping, Blogger, Reader, Finance, Photos, and Videos.

Google, of course, has the right to play with its user interface, even to the detriment of my predilections. But I worry that this is a signal that the company is turning away from Google Scholar like it has some other recent projects. After all, it is the sort of revenue-less service that seems endangered under Larry Page.

So, let me just say this: Don't do it, Larry! This is an invaluable tool for content creators that will not be easily replicated. If you kill Google Scholar, our web won't be the same.
Amen. Please, please, please don't take Scholar away. I also noticed it had been demoted recently and got worried. I legitimately don't know how I would finish my dissertation without it.

One of my lab-mates*
Who will actually be a Googler in six months
is confident that Google won't shut it down since it's such a useful tool to all the people within Google Research. I hope he's right.

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