16 January 2012

Redbox Missing Features

In the last month Mrs. SB7 and I have been making heavy use of our local Redboxes. It's a great service, especially as a complement to Netflix streaming.

I'm struck by two missing features with Redbox, though.

The first is the ability to save movies currently in theaters to a list and be reminded when they are eventually released on DVD. This is partially available, but as far as I can tell, only for movies which are being released on DVD in the next month or two. I want to set a reminder right now that I want to see Hugo, for instance. (Maybe there is a way to do this, and I haven't noticed.)  Instead, according to Redbox, Hugo doesn't exist.

The second feature is a wish list. There are several movies out now on DVD that I want to rent at some point, but not tonight. I'd to be able to make a list of these, and have Redbox remind me what they are. They could also pre-sort my list to the options currently available at my location. That would short-circuit the this recurring conversation:
SB7: Do you want to rent a movie tonight?
Mrs. SB7: Sure.
SB7: What do you want to see?
Mrs. SB7: I don't know.  What do you want to see?
SB7: I don't know. What's out?
Mrs. SB7: I don't know. You choose something.
SB7: Well what are you in the mood for?
Both of these, and especially the second, seem pretty trivial. Why don't they exist? What am I missing?

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