15 December 2011

Career floozies -or- Atypical lifestyles require sacrificing typical benefits

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The problem with being a slut only arises when they want to simultaneously reject social expectations but also indulge in the larger framework of wanting conventional partners, children, marriage, etc. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong or immoral about being a whore, but when you’re rejecting the status quo, you really have to commit to your beliefs and not still harbour insecurity or unhappiness at potentially being “single” for the rest of your life. Or, at least, be happy with the kind of partner who can accept your previous life [...]
I think you could say the same thing about careers for a lot of my contemporaries, especially many of those in the OWS crowd. They want to "follow their bliss," and "pursue their dreams," and "change the world," and "be their own boss," and "put people before profits" and all the other stuff you hear at commencement addresses. And that's cool. Good for everyone that wants to do that stuff.

But a problem arises when people expect to be able to do all that and also have job security, and live in a nice apartment in a nice part of town, and have a stable retirement, and get medical benefits, and eat out at good restaurants, and have new gadgets, and pay for their children's educations. Those are all noble things to pursue as well.

Just like the problem of sluttiness only really becomes a problem when you try to reconcile it to more traditional lifestyles, the problems of being bohemian really flare up when you expect to be able to produce like a bohemian but consume like a bourgeois.

I'm not trying to pass judgement on either of those paths. And they're not entirely mutually exclusive. I think everyone needs a little from column A, a little from column B. But there are trade-offs. You don't get all of A and all of B.

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  1. The basic principles of OWS:

    1) Money is the root of all evil.

    2) Give me some.