09 November 2011


I have no idea if the graphics from the Calgary Sun accurately depicts the demands of the Canadian Occupationists.  I'll assume they did, because doing so gives me something to talk about. (Image via.)

(1) Like ants to a picnic, wherever there is a wacko protest -- no matter the cause -- the Truthers will show up. Such demands are like red clown noses on the face of a movement.  How do you expect me to take you seriously when you give voice to such lunatics?  And when will I finally have to stop hearing from these people?

(2) Ceilings on interest rates of savings? We tried this. It ended poorly.  Screw it. Price controls on EVERYTHING have ended poorly. If price controls seems wise to you, I have nothing to gain from a conversation with you.

(3) I'm sympathetic to reduced penalties for many non-violent offenses.  But how does this jive with the other demands?  Offering >1% interest or bringing goods into the country without paying tariffs are both non-violent crimes. Should people guilty of free trade or offering returns on saving have their punishments waived, like this list demands happens to non-violent criminals in general?  Which demand trumps which?

(4) What is this Chavismo horseshit doing here?  This list doesn't mention corporate personhood, but it's a common OWS demand, so I'll take the liberty of assuming they're against granting person-like rights and privileges to groups of people. OTOH the are for granting person-like rights to abstract agglomerations and entities like species and quasi-deities like "The Environment."


  1. "OTOH the are for granting person-like rights to abstract and aglomerations entities like species and quasi-deities like "The Environment.""

    Don't forget unions, if they think of it. Corporate corporate personhood is bad, but union corporate personhood is good.

  2. Exactly. Plus the NY Times and Daily Kos must maintain their corporate privileges.