04 November 2011

Mad Max plus The Natural in Inner Mongolian

LA Times | David Pierson | Baseball bat is a hit as a defensive weapon in China

Truck driver Wang Yonggang has never seen a baseball game or sung "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." He couldn't explain a sacrifice bunt.

But Wang's got a good eye for bats. His is a lightweight aluminum model with a long barrel and a sticky rubber grip. He treasures his Chinese-made club so much that he keeps it tucked under the seat of his rig.
I have no first-hand experience defending a truck using baseball bats. But I do had an uncle who did, and he was of the firm opinion that an unaltered baseball bat is too long for in-cab use. That's why he sawed the bottom six inches off his (ash) bat. Judging from the four finger-shaped indentations left in the bottom of his window opening courtesy of a would-be-hijacker, it's an effective modification.

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