12 October 2011


Bng Bng | Mark Frauenfelder | FBI agent and federal prosecutor take Ferrari for joyride and total it; owner out of luck – Boing Boing

A man's $750,000 Ferrari was stolen. It was recovered, and while the government was holding it as evidence an FBI agent and a federal prosecutor took it for a joyride. They totaled it. The owner sued. The judge threw out the case, citing "a law making the government immune to lawsuits when property is in custody of law enforcement."

Hopefully, the owner was a Wall Street banker.
Really, Frauenfelder? Really? I can see wanting to make taxes more progressive, wanting to specifically raise them on the financial industry, maybe even wanting to do so for punitive rather than revenue-raising reasons. I disagree, but I get it. You're angry about the privilege enjoyed by some financiers. Fine.

But how the hell do you get from there to hoping that their property is stolen by criminals, and then appropriated by other people — people who are supposedly the guardians of legality and justice and also very privileged themselves! —who then destroy it for their own amusement? This is what you want to happen in our society?

In our society of rules, you want powerful people to be able to appropriate the property of unpopular people and use it to have a little fun for themselves? This is something you wish to joke about? Am I the only one around here who gives a shit about the rules?!

You're supposed to be the sane one at Bng Bng, Frauenfelder.  Grow up.

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