14 September 2011

Links: 14 Sep 2011

Washington Examiner | Gene Healy | Obamaphiles still longing for Camelot

Popehat | Ken | But — but — but — we meant so well when we passed that law!

Surprise! Screwing around with the age minors get drivers licenses doesn't work!

EconLog | Arnold Kling | Making Astrology Look Respectable

The Economist: Babbage | APPlied logic

This is awesome: using camera-enabled smartphones on just a handful of vehicles to build a model of traffic camera patterns in a city. This allows, among other things, very accurate predictions about red and green lights, which in turn caused significant drop in fuel consumption.

Efficient transportation is about more than just vehicles. Sadly, the US government takes exactly the opposite approach, spending our money on bullshit boondogle white elephant pork barrel subsidies instead of actual public goods like intelligent intersection management.

Speaking of which...

TED | Gary Lauder's new traffic sign: Take Turns

The Money Illusion | Scott Sumner | Warren Buffett faces a 90% plus tax rate

Marginal Revolution | Alex Tabarrok | Cities as hotels

Privately built and owned private cities are arriving. (Well, towns anyway.) Diamond Age here we come!

Steve Allen | Some jobs bill arithmetic
You can then calculate how much it costs (in lost revenue or greater expenditures) to create a job [under Obama's new proposal]. The numbers are sobering: $233k per job for the payroll tax cuts and $350k per job for the infrastructure spending. And these jobs would only be around for the duration of the new stimulus package!

My plan for zero unemployment: There were 14m unemployed workers in August. The $447b stimulus package could be used to generate a check of almost $32,000 to each and every one of them. As a condition of receiving that check, they would be asked to work at some organization, for profit or nonprofit, for one year.
Sounds fine to me, though I have the same concerns I have previously voiced about officially sanctioned volunteer work. Also, it kind of shafts anyone who already has a job earning less than $32k, no?

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