10 August 2011

Riot Miscellany

(Via World's Best Ever)

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Esquire | Elizabeth Gunnison | From London's Riots: The Best Use Yet for a Rolling Pin

At The Ledbury, a Michelin two-star restaurant in Notting Hill, the staff provided what was perhaps the riots' best example of British pluck and grace under fire.

When looters smashed through the restaurant's glass door and attempted to rob its guests, the kitchen staff burst forth into the dining room wielding rolling pins and (presumably hot) fryer baskets, running the offenders off. Front-of-house staff proceeded to usher guests to safety in the wine cellar, and eased their nerves with the prompt serving of champagne and whisky. Now, if that's not deserving of an additional star, I don't know what is.
[Begin slow clap]

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Some advice: do not mess with a group of men whose traditional costume includes a dagger. They are not likely to find your jackassery amusing.

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I don't think this needs to be said,* but I will never, ever understand responding to violence by the police by destroying your fellow citizens' property.

So you think the fuzz murdered someone in your community, and you're angry about it. I totally get that. And you want to respond with violence of your own. Again, I see where you're coming from. I'm sympathetic. But then instead of attacking the constabulary, or the town hall, or even the post office, you burn down shoe stores and phone kiosks? F*** you! That behavior is as far beyond my comprehension as ... actually I'm having trouble coming up with something that makes as little sense. People who do that deserve to have some sense cracked into their skulls.

* But that has never stopped me before

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