18 August 2011


Richmond Times-Dispatch | Barton Hinkle | Hey, conservatives – look what you made them do! — When rioters burn down shops in England it's because they're "disillusioned youths, upset about social programs." When Tea Prtiers have rallies in America, they're "violent, racist mobs."

Wired | Rhett Allain | Exposing a Fake Video Trick — A great use of image analysis and statistics to analyze the veracity of a viral video.

EconLog | David Henderson | A Day That Should Live in Infamy — The decades-long after effects of Nixon's dirigiste decision to impose price controls.

The Spectator | Alex Massie | Bill Bratton's Approach Provides Ammunition for Tories and Labour Alike — Allow me to just pull the relevant chart out. I've seen similar results for education and health care. I think what Massie calls the "it's always worse elsewhere" phenomenon should never be ignored when considering public opinion

Marginal Revolution | Alex Tabarrok | Fear without Function: Do Sex Offender Registries Reduce Crime? — In a word, "no." They are not only illogical, they are ineffective.

Coyote Blog | Warren Meyer | Cloudy with 100% Chance of Corporate State — Rick Perry and Barack Obama are both in favor of crony capitalism.

The Thinker | Jeffrey Ellis | To what degree is science really self-correcting? On rebuttals, retractions, and bias — Some rather depressing news about the uselessness of retracting scientific papers. I can't even remember ever seeing one, but I know some non-negligible fraction of the papers I read (and cite!) have been corrected. One thing to keep in mind about this: peer review doesn't check if a paper's claim is correct, only that it's reasonable on the surface, that's it's relatively novel, and readers may find it beneficial.

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