20 August 2011

Borders' death reveals its own cause

I stuck my head in a Borders yesterday to see if there were any decent deals to be had in their going-out-of-business sale.  I was excited to notice one of the Hellboy "Library Edition" oversized hardcovers was 40% off.

Too bad even with their everything-must-go, priced-to-move, final-clearance discounts it's still $2 more expensive than the everyday price at Amazon.

And that, in a nutshell, is why Borders needs to have an everything-must-go, priced-to-move, final-clearance sale in the first place.


  1. If Borders' liquidation is being handled typically, like e.g. Circuit City's was, the liquidation "sale" prices don't bear any relation to the original price. People did extensive research on it at the time--the liquidator jacks the price way up and immediately puts *that* price on sale--which, as you discovered, isn't any kind of deal.

  2. I don't doubt it. Thanks for mentioning that.

    But I had been looking to get this particular item for a long time, and it's sticker price was consistent with what they've been charging since last Christmas at least.