09 August 2011

"Baseball Bat Sales Up 6,541% on Amazon.co.uk"

Woot | Jason Toon | Baseball Bat Sales Up 6,541% on Amazon.co.uk - Woot

With all that unpleasantness over in London, how are Britons forgetting their troubles? According to the "Movers and Shakers" chart for the Sports & Leisure department at amazon.co.uk, they're taking up baseball.

(1) Wow.

(2) Are the cricket bats they have not good for this sort of thing? Sean of the Dead lead me to believe they would serve just fine.

(3) Why does Amazon.co.uk list telescoping batons under "Sports and Leisure"?!

PS I believe James May (@RealJamesMay) has the final word on these riots:
Its time I spoke. Now look here, you blithering idiots, we don't need your sort making a mess, now go home. There, that should do it.
That's just so... JamesMayish


  1. Baseball bats are heavier and longer than cricket bats. They also have radial symmetry, enabling you to flail wildly without having to consider angle. They're probably easier to hold onto if you connect, too.

    Who knows, cricket bat sales are probably up as well. You can buy one of those anywhere, though, whereas baseball bats are tough to find and would drive customers to Amazon.

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