13 July 2011


It appears Chuck Klosterman is now writing for Grantland, which is an extremely good thing. My life has been seriously lacking in Klosterman since he bounced off to Germany a couple of years ago to ... do German things? I'm not quite sure.

Here's a video recorded at a 1979 Led Zeppelin concert which he breaks down in this post.

(Side note: why single out his column on Led Zeppelin? (1) It's Zep. What excuse do you need? (2) It's a good example of Klosterman's skill at taking an innocuous starting point, in this case a mediocre performance at a mediocre show, and milking some good discussion out of it. A lot of journalists/commentators try this (Hell, all of them try this) but few do it well.)

Here's one Klosterman column in which he interviews Bill James, one on North Dakota JuCo basketball, and another praising Breaking Bad for its unusual representation of morality and Good vs Evil.

You can find his collected archives in the sidebar of this page, but for some reaosn only his three most recent pieces come up in the main text.

I don't know if this is intentional or accidental, but the Grantland layout gives Klosterman plenty of room to flex his footnote muscles. With the passing of David Foster Wallace, Klosterman is my favorite living footnotist.

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