28 July 2011

The Hurricane Club

Twitpic | Gas station offering a Hurricane Express Access Pass for gas

Interesting. Because of various (foolish) laws and legislation, even though gas is scarcer after a storm you can't sell it any dearer.

Possible solution: have people pre-commit to buying gas and pay before the storm. Whoever posted the above sign is pursuing one way of doing that.

I can imagine an entrepreneurial gas station owner skipping the frequent-buyer system and offering to let people pay a membership fee to join a "gas club" for the duration of storm season. Pay $X up front for the right to buy gas after a storm.  Members get to buy as much as they want during weather-induced shortages; non-members only get to buy a gallon at a time.

There are bound to be other ways of increasing the revenue from a gallon of gas sold after a storm without taking the very visible action of raising the advertised prices in the wake of the storm.

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