21 April 2011

Two Charts: Energy and Largess

From Political Calculations:
We're referring to more than $1.789 billion dollars of corporate welfare that was authorized by the law for the purpose of subsidizing the health care expenses of the early retirees whose benefits are paid by corporations, unions and state or local government agencies, who would otherwise have had to continue paying these costs out of their own pockets—just as they did before the law's passage.
The rationale for this program completely eludes me. People have chosen to retire early ... and that makes their formerly employer-provided health care the responsibility of people like me who are still working how exactly?

By the way, calling this "corporate welfare" is a curious choice, since out of the top ten recipients only three are corporations. (Six are public sector unions and the other is the UAW, which since 2008 I have considered quasi-nationalized.)

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Changing gears, here is a chart of US energy sources from LLNL, by way of Jamul Blog

I wish the boxes representing sources had their areas scaled to be proportional to their capacity, but otherwise this is pretty informative. I wouldn't mind a breakdown on what constitutes the "rejected energy" either. Nonetheless, a good graphic.

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