05 April 2011


I learned yesterday that there is a thing called Chap-Hop which really exists in reality and is real.

That is a good thing.
WSJ | Frances Robinson | In 'Chap-Hop,' Gentlemen Rappers Bust Rhymes About Tea, Cricket: Just Like in Hip-Hop, British MCs Feud Over Styles: Waistcoat vs. Pith Helmet

Brighton, England — For some British rappers, nothing goes better with laying down rhymes than a gin and tonic and a Sunday afternoon stroll.

They have created chap-hop, fusing the American urban musical genre with the imagined lifestyle of the British upper classes. And this coastal town, with its candy-colored Victorian villas and seafront promenade, is the setting for the latest hip-hop feud.

In chap-hop videos, hip-hop tropes are subtly undermined: Barely clothed models are replaced with a ladylike redhead in a summer frock, cricket bats are substituted for uzis.

Professor Elemental, a self-styled "Steampunk Mad Professor" and leading chap-hop MC, is one of its top exponents. He is easy to spot in the Marwood Café here, even amid its décor of spectacle-wearing stuffed owls and dismembered mannequins. Clad in Victorian-explorer garb, complete with pith helmet, he is eager to talk about his planned trip across the Atlantic.

"I'm going to break America, and ride it like a pony," Elemental—real name Paul Alborough—explains while sipping English Breakfast. "Global domination, then a nice sit down and a cup of tea."
Check it out:

"Cup of Brown Joy" and "Splendid" are both fantastic.

Here's one from Mr B, The Gentleman Rhymer:

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