24 January 2011

Sandwich News

This list of the "America’s Top 10 New Sandwiches" makes me all sorts of hungry.

The #1 new sandwich is served only a couple of miles from my home at Churchkey. I'm not a big fan of Luthers, but I might need to try this out anyway.

As a staunch sandwich partisan I've long contended that any food can be enjoyed and often even improved when made into sandwich form. (Where "sandwich" is defined as "bread containing a filling" so that, for instance, a calzone, a burrito and soup in a bread bowl are all part of the extended sandwich family.)

There are only two exceptions to this rule: breakfast cereal — which is hardly food to begin with since it's really just a beverage with grain chunks floating in it — and pasta.

But hold on! Paesano’s in Philadelphia is serving a "Lasagna Bolognese" sandwich!  The second exception appears to have fallen.

I will be taking this bad boy for a test drive next time we go to visit Mrs. SB7's family.  Excitingly the number nine new sandwich on this list also hails from Philly.  I'll be tracking down the food truck which originated the bulgogi steak sandwich on our next visit as well.

In less delicious sandwich news, the founder/owner of campus favorite Jimmy John's is moving out of Illinois to escape their new, harsher tax climate, and is mulling moving the company to Indiana for the same reasons.  Comments Radley Balko, "I can’t think of a more damnable critique of a state’s tax policy than anti-sandwich." Quite right, Mr. Balko. Quite right.

In a real head scratcher a Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity spokesman claimed the higher taxes actually make the state "more attractive" to businesses. Not sure how that works.

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  1. I think the claim is that by taking steps to make the state more fiscally sound, they improve their economic outlook, which is good for business.

    Why anyone would believe that Illinois is not going to piss away the new money just like the old money is anyone's guess.