28 January 2011

I have nothing useful to say about Egypt.

So I'll be pedantic instead

Reuters.com | Unrest in Egypt: "Smoke bellows over Cairo following clashes between protesters and police January 28, 2011"

Really?  The smoke is making loud noises like those of a bull?

Somehow I think it is billowing, not bellowing.

Thus ends my completely unnecessary internet punctiliousness for today.


  1. You can tell I'm way behind in my reading since I'm just reading this one today.

    But this was an excellent catch. As a word nerd I pride myself in doing the same, but I have to say, I would not have caught this one and you're absolutely correct. I assume the mistake is due to first (and obviously) the similarity in the sounds (see also: hone vs home, as in home in on) and secondly because "a bellows" is a device which creates wind for furnaces of various kinds.

  2. Good call on "bellows" -- I actually double checked myself to make sure their wasn't a minor meaning of that as a verb.

    I feel a bit pompous correcting these sorts of things because I know I make the same sorts of mistakes, but in the end I thinks it's better when we're all vigilant to this sort of sloppiness rather than letting close-enough be the rule.