21 January 2011


I've been wondering for a couple of days why all I see at tjic.com is a 403 error.

This might have something to do with it:
Borepathc | I am TJIC

I've linked several times to posts over at the blog Dispatches from TJICistan. TJIC is an outspoken (some might say extremely so) advocate of smaller government. He's also a firearms owner in the People's Republic of Massachusetts. While he owns guns, it appears that he's no longer allowed to possess any:
Arlington (CBS) – A blog threatening members of Congress in the wake of the Tucson, Arizona shooting has prompted Arlington police to temporarily suspend the firearms license of an Arlington man.

It was the headline “1 down and 534 to go” that caught the attention. “One” refers to Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot in the head in the rampage, while 534 refers to the other members of the U.S. House and Senate.

Police are investigating the “suitability” of 39-year-old Travis Corcoran to have a firearms license
Via Tam at Books, Bikes, Boomsticks, who correctly points out that TJIC's post was provocative, inflammatory and tacky but nonetheless protected political speech. TJIC's post, while vulgar, at most "amounted to nothing more than advocacy of illegal action at some indefinite future time," to lift a phrase from Hess v. Indiana, and therefore does not incite an imminent lawless action.

TJIC's initial post after the shooting was the epitome of tastelessness.But it's no different from what a million others have said without getting in any trouble. A lot of people have been referencing Death of a President in this regard. How many of our politicians called for Julian Assange's head on a platter? Obama himself has authorized the extrajudicial assassination of US citizens. I once heard Richard Stallman say he wanted to hold George Bush's head under water to drown him in a puddle. The audience laughed and clapped. That was during a talk about the GNU Project, for christsake!

I'll echo what Borepatch said: I am TJIC.

No, really. Corcoran later reblogged this post of mine about Tucson, saying something like "I agree in every particular." (I'd like to find his exact words, but there's that pesky 403 in my way.) So he posted one crude idea, then approved of thirteen ideas I wrote, all of which I think are reasonable. The first of those, by the way, was "I think this [attack] was entirely wrong." Are those words a dangerous assassin would link to approvingly?


  1. I agree that the suspension of the gun license is way more than can be justified by a crass blog post with any imminent threat explicitly denied in a follow-up. Unfortunately, I can't be particularly vocal on the subject, since I have a security clearance to maintain. Which is also why this is being posted anonymously.

  2. TJIC, of course.

    And of course I understand the anonymity as well. A shame it's needed.