08 December 2010

Security Risks: Salt and Stones

Regarding the Salt:
Scheneier on Security | Bruce Schneier | Never Let the Terrorists Know How We're Storing Road Salt

This seems not to be a joke:
The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit against the state after it refused to release the construction plans for a barn used to store road salt, on the basis that doing so would be a security risk.
Regarding the Stones:
Ars Technica | Nate Anderson | "Going commando" on the TSA, redux: a kilt-wearer speaks

The TSA told Ars last month that its procedures for dealing with the kilted-and-sporraned traveler were a matter of national security and could not be divulged.
Blue collar public employees have "I'm on break" to avoid working. It looks like their white collar brethern have discovered the utility of "If we told you then the terrorists would win" to avoid the inconvenience of having to answer questions from citizens.


  1. You know what bugs me about the salt story? "According to the complaint, Chiaffarano suspected that the salt barn was built “according to plans that were not approved by one or more governmental agencies.”"

    What you want to bet this boils down to her not liking having her view of mountains blocked by the barn or something equally silly. Ooh, plans not approved by government agencies. Is she talking about it not meeting the Uniform Building Code? I bet not.

  2. In fact, I bet I was right. Follow the links to http://www.nj.com/news/local/index.ssf/2010/12/aclu_sues_state_for_keeping_hu.html and read the comments. "This thing started a few years ago as a wetlands complaint, then a highlands complaint, now it’s a uniform construction code complaint. The state government resources these people have wasted has been astronomical, all because the Township had the audacity to build a salt barn salt on DPW property and spent the extra money to make it look like a dairy barn. No wonder DCA does not want to give these people the time of day, it never ends! Want to save tax money? Then state agencies need to collectively tell these NIBYS to shut up and go away, it’s just a salt barn!"

    Now, me saying that isn't trying to justify the state's asinine "homeland security" schtick, because I'm not going to even try.

  3. I have no love for either side in this complaint. Sounds like there are plenty of jerks to go around.

    I just think pinning the refusal to play ball on security concerns is preposterous.