02 December 2010

"Paths of Flight"

GE has produced this cool video of all the daily flights in to or out of a couple of airports. I think they are promoting a new flight path management system. (That link also has a bit of making-of info.)

In general I am a big proponent of increasing efficiency by changing how machines are used rather than making them more efficient mechanically. GE wants to cut down on the amount of flying an aircraft needs to do to get lined up on the run way. I would like to make our cars more efficient not by replacing them with hybrids, but by making better use of traffic signals, cutting down on the amount of time lanes are closed for repaving, making unused parking easier to locate, firmly punishing traffic-creating behavior, etc.

Via The Daily What

PS GE also had a link to Aaron Koblin's gorgeous visualization of all of the flights patterns in the lower 48. Check it out.

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