11 December 2010

Our Boys (and Girls) in Blue

DCist | Catherine Finn | Ex-MPD Officer Gets Jail Time for Excessive Force
Wow! An MPD officer being held to account for thuggery? Maybe I should dial up my respect for the MPD by a smidge.
Former MPD police officer Kisha Coley was sentenced to 6 days in jail after pleading guilty to two counts of assault. In March, Coley got into an argument while making an arrest with a man she was arresting and struck him with her baton.
Six days? You're shitting me.  Crank that dial the other way hard.

Another report about Coley:
Washington Post: The Crime Scene | Mary Pat Flaherty | Ex-D.C. officer jailed for excessive force

Coley, 36, will spend this weekend and next in jail after pleading guilty to two counts of assault ...
Six days spread out over two weekends?
... after hitting a man with her baton during an early morning arrest in which she ordered the man to move away from the entry to a laundromat in the 3500 block of Georgia Avenue NW. The man moved on but came back to argue with Coley and threatened to report her to a supervisor, according to documents filed with her plea.
How DARE he threaten to make her face responsibility for her actions.
The officer hit the man on the head and later, on his hands, after a second officer had the suspect detained against the back of a police cruiser, court records show.
Not just thuggery, but cowardly thuggery.

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  1. She'll probably walk right into another law enforcement job when this blows over. Take a look at this guy's history - nothing sticks to him at all: