06 December 2010

Forget Awareness

The Daily What | Frivolous Facebook Meme of the Day

Frivolous Facebook Meme of the Day: Long story short, in case you’re not current on the latest Facebook meme, people all over the world have been changing their profile pics to cartoon characters from their youth to “raise awareness” for violence against children.

I am completely with Urlesque on this one: How is this helping abused children? Folks participating in this meme aren’t doing a thing to raise awareness for actions their friends can take to support this cause, just merely pointing out the fact that children are being abused while letting everyone know they once had a thing for Snarf. Beatification, ho!

Here’s an idea: How about skipping the silliness and plugging an anti-child abuse charity instead? This is a good one. This is another good one. As is this one.

Facebook has the potential to be a powerful catalyst for social change. But these frequent Facebook charity memes are meaningless exercises in futility. People don’t need to be made aware that breast cancer exists or that child abuse is a problem. What they need are real things they can do to support individuals battling these scourges.
The point is not to help, the point is to let other people know you are the kind of person who values helping.  Or at least to avoid having other people accuse you of not wanting to help.  I was actually accused two or three times -- by friends! -- of wanting people to get cancer because I did not choose to wear one of those Lance Armstrong rubber bands on my wrist back in undergrad.

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  1. I totally agree with what you had said. People already know about the different diseases they could acquired. I suggest instead of the facebook meme, they focus more on spreading news on how to help people that are affected.