01 December 2010

"Brand Xmas"

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I personally fall into a giant yawning pit of apathy on this issue; on the one hand, minorities have no right not to be reminded that they are a minority, and not using the C-word when the landscape surrounds us with Santa Claus, trees, bells, carols, and the occasional nativity scene strikes me as politically correct silliness in the extreme.

On the other hand, majorities equally have no right to be constantly pandered to and reassured that they are the majority, and insisting on total and universal acknowledgment of TEH CHRISTIAN when their holiday essentially takes over an entire month of the Western year and said nativites and Christmas paraphernalia are so universal is as entitled and asinine as trying to skirt around it is silly.
Well said.

This whole "War Against Christmas" thing I have to hear about every year from some of the Red Team blowhards is the same as all the "inclusionary language guidelines" I have to hear about from the Blue Team. Look, there's a simple rule that should guide us through this stuff:
Don't give offense unnecessarily, and don't take offense unnecessarily.
Simple. If some store put up a "Happy Holidays" banner instead of a "Merry Christmas" one do you think their express goal was to insult you and repress Christianity? If someone writes a memo and includes the word "Hispanic" rather than "Latino and Latina" do you think their objective is to insult you and oppress a race? Don't look for offense where none was intended.

My best friend growing up was Jewish, and he used to get frustrated at his co-religionists who took offense when people said "Merry Christmas" to them. People who say that just want you to have a nice day and be in good cheer. They didn't choose the most sensitive way of expressing that wish, but it was still a nice thing to hear from another human being.  Saying "Merry Christmas" isn't insensitive, it's a sub-optimal way of being nice.

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  1. I think what bothers me about the "War on Christmas" is that it can seem like it IS an attack on Christianity. "Happy Holidays," people will say. Well, what holiday are we talking about? Christmas. Yes, I know that Hanukkah and Kwanzaa (snicker) are at that time of year. That's not what we're mostly celebrating, however, and so it can seem frustrating when we'll pretend we're not. It's like the whole CE/BCE nonsense. CE? Common Era? The ONLY reason people use that at all is because they get their panties in a wad about Anno Domini, which probably nobody ELSE ever stops to think means "Year of our Lord." It seems petty, somehow.

    And speaking as a Christian, if I wish someone a Merry Christmas, it doesn't mean "and eff your Jewish holiday, too." It means I hope you have a happy day. (And I happen to have a handful of Jewish friends, some of whom are even observant, and I put a Happy Hanukkah message on Facebook the other day.)