18 November 2010

Where's the FBI investigation of *this* crooked cop?

Oh, that's right, it's non-existent because this scumbag never tried to cheat the tax man.
DCist | Aaron Morrissey | MoCo Cop Given $185 Ticket For Accident Which Paralyzed Child

Here's a story that will be sure to ruffle a few feathers: Montgomery County Police Officer Jason Cokinos was in uniform and driving a police cruiser 26 miles per hour over the speed limit in July 2008, en route to an off-duty job, when he struck a child. Cokinos' punishment? A $185 ticket -- and a position back on patrol duty. The now 14-year-old boy, Luis Jovel, Jr., is a quadriplegic, suffering from permanent brain damage which requires him to receive 24-hour medical care. The Examiner attempted to look into whether Cokinos was disciplined internally by the department, but was shot down due to state confidentiality laws -- despite the fact that, according to a police investigation, Jovel would not have been struck had Cokinos been driving the speed limit. In a civil suit, the Jovel family was awarded $400,000 in damages -- though I imagine that Luis' medical bills will run through that sum pretty quickly.

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