06 November 2010

Brett Favre: take notes

If you're going to create visual depictions of your own unclothed naughty bits, please don't do it with a cell phone camera. Take a page out of Sean Connery's book, and make it an oil painting.
The Telegraph | Oil painting of Sean Connery naked found in unseen collection

It was painted in 1951 when the aspiring actor was working as an unknown nude model for Edinburgh students.

Connery, who is now 80, posed for students shortly before his acting breakthrough as the star of the James Bond films.

The work, thought to be worth thousands of pounds, was painted by Rab Webster, a former art teacher at Selkirk High School in the Scottish Borders, who died last month aged 83.
Most surprising part of this story: "thousands of pounds" —that's it?!

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