26 October 2010

Lifehacker for asshats

lifehacker | Adam Dachis | Make an Automatic Bicycle Pump to Steal Air from Cars

Don't like paying for pressurized air for your bike tires? Don't like energy inefficient vehicles? Make this automatic bicycle pump on the cheap and steal from a car.
That's not only a complete dick move, it's also arrogant, dangerous AND HYPOCRITICAL BECAUSE LOWER TIRE PRESSURE WILL REDUCE THE CAR'S EFFICIENCY.  It's not even justifiable within it's own selfish framing of the world.

Yes I am yelling now. I do that sometimes when confronted by jerkery.


  1. As commenters noted--it's counterproductive anyway! Bike tires are higher pressure than car tires, so you'll just feed air into the car tire. (Unless that was the point of the article, and people missed the joke.)

  2. Hahahaha.

    I sort of hoped it wasn't serious, but the same author put a post that day about scamming your way into student discounts. Maybe that was a lark too?