21 September 2010

British Tax Proposal Postscript

(Part 1)

I just re-read the CNBC post, and what is striking to me is that the objections raised in the article seem to be either that a new system for collecting taxes would be expensive and hard to get right, and that the revenue service would need access to everyone bank account and they have a bad history with keeping databases private.

They gloss over the fact that letting a government ministry decide how much of your own salary you get to have and when IS COMPLETELY INSANE.

1 comment:

  1. This is exactly why I never sign up for any sort of "automatic bill payments" that give the payee direct access to my bank accounts. Even if you assume goodwill (and that's a stretch when referring to government), all it takes is one minor glitch and all of a sudden your checking account is $6K in the red.

    And with the government, it's not like you can rant at the customer service rep and then cut ties with them so as to avoid future problems. Hell, ranting at the service rep for the gov't will practically guarantee future problems...

    I can't believe people could make proposals like that seriously.