11 August 2010

"Sex At the Dawn of Never-Never"

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I was listlessly kicking around a post that requires some extra research that on a warm breezy afternoon I was feeling frankly uninclined to do at that moment, then a friend of mine dropped rant material in my lap. So off to the races we go to savage an old favorite target, an “evolutionary psychologist” (actually JUST a psychologist, if he knows much about primate or human evolution it’s not evident from his writing) hawking his new book about how humans are really exactly like chimpanzees and human culture is a sinister plot. [...]
Research from primatology, anthropology, anatomy and psychology points to the same conclusion: A nonpossessive, gregarious sexuality was the human norm until the rise of agriculture and private property just 10,000 years ago, about 5 percent of anatomically modern humans’ existence on Earth.
The term for this would be “blatant and egregious lie”," unless his most recent source was Desmond Morris, who was himself highly problematic for a host of reasons. Though it’s a funny lie, in that anatomically modern humans have not existed for long enough for ten thousand years to represent 5% of our period of tenure on earth.
LabRat does an excellent fisking here. This is just one nice chunk. Check it out the rest.

I think what I find most amusing is that this chap, who is selling some free love whoop-dee-doo utopinaism is doing it in such a nakedly conservative way. Not conservative as in flag-lapel-pins-and-talk-radio, but conservative as in thinks we should take cues for how to act now based on how things used to be and generally opposes change in society.

Let's assume Ryan is actually right about human sexuality from 198,000 BC to 8000 BC. (He isn't.  But let that slide.) His argument boils down to "this is the way things used to be, so this is how we should do things now." He's preaching sexual revolution with reactionary logic.

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