15 July 2010

Speed cameras

Here's what I don't understand about speed cameras.  The state can set up a box by the road with a radar gun and a camera inside and use it to detect speeding cars.  Then they can mail a ticket to the owner of the car.

So why do cops have to bother pulling you over to write a ticket?  Why not just give them a radar gun with a digital camera mounted to it and let them snap photos as you whiz by?  Saves everyone involved time.

A semi-related question regarding traffic stops...  I've personally been in the car twice, once in MD and once in IN, when the police have falsely claimed a tail light was out.  Is there any jurisdiction that requires police to document such claims, say by taking a picture?  A digital point-and-shoot would be a drop in the bucket, cost-wise, compared to the rest of the kit in a police cruiser.

I suppose it wouldn't really do much good since the cops would just shift their bogus explanations to something they didn't have to document, like "driving erratically."


  1. or my brother's favorite: I saw your license plate light flickering. He also said that no driver can travel more than 100ft without doing something they can be pulled over for....

  2. Flickering license plate light? Come on.

    I think your brother's right about being pulled over. It's like the old Richelieu quote, "If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him."